I’m singing a song of daisies by Louise Carson

Poet name: Louise Carson Poem title: I’m singing a song of daisies Poem: I’m singing a song of daisies                          in my head          toying with the phrases               camomile                           feverfew         late and lazy hybrid daisy                                      daisy days                             in a daze                    wild daisies                                           early                                                       eager                                                                  first  when their music pierces my orbit and all the words burst. End of poem.  Credits and bio: Copyright © Louise Carson  Previously published in A Clearing (Signature Editions, 2015).  Louise Carson lives with her daughter, two cats and a dog in a small house surrounded by gardens. She has two books of poetry: A Clearing, Signature Editions, 2015 and Dog Poems, Aeolus House, 2020. She also writes mysteries and historical fiction. Her two latest books in these genres are A Clutter of Cats, Signature, 2021 and Third Circle, land/sea press, 2022.