Improbable Wildflowers by Roxanna Bennett

Poem title: Improbable Wildflowers Poet name: Roxanna Bennett Poem: When the hyssop asked “What colour is your  Pain?” the river antlered. Hephaestus, I   no longer want to hide. Take off this armour, open wide. It’s just my own jealousy  of other bodyminds, ability  is wasted on the sane who spend their days   in shitty chairs in front of screens. They could  be climbing trees, floating downstream. I don’t   trust the virus or the vaccine, the way  we ignore each other’s needs & mask our own   pain. Can we cancel unkindness, shame on improbable wildflowers, cast out hate?  I am the heart of the snake. My inner peace is a community garden gate. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Roxanna Bennett Gratefully residing on aboriginal land, the disabled poem-making entity known as Roxanna Bennett is the author of The Untranslatable I, Unmeaningable (Gordon Hill Press) & other works.