It’s been a fine year; I think I, too, will prepare for hibernation by Spencer Folkins

Poem title: It’s been a fine year; I think I, too, will prepare for hibernation
Poet name: Spencer Folkins
Poem: I caught myself through a prism
glimpse—serenade annual siesta and one
more go-around a carousel which
Copernicus might contest.

Summer’s decay rattles in ditches
as vehicles pass the dog and I mull over
what’s sparked a lack of writing
these past several months.

I ask the dog again				why 
she insists on stopping at anthills.
I once decided pheromones, which obviously
left me unsatisfied.

There’s been an uptick in roadkill the past several
months. It seems she likes the smell of dead things
being carried, each morsel to their queen.

These things aren’t for her		but 
maybe she likes to imagine
 								they are.

I used to write
to help make sense of things.

There’s been not much rain - a bad summer for gardens.
A good summer for patios.
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Spencer Folkins
Spencer Folkins (he/him) is thinking about stitching a poem onto a shirt tag. He has served on the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick’s Board of Directors and on the Editorial Board for The Fiddlehead. Writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Arc, QWERTY, FreeFall, Riddle Fence, HA&L Magazine, Feels Zine, The Madrigal, boats against the current, and elsewhere. Spencer is a graduate of St. Thomas University’s School of Education (B.Ed. 2021) and currently teaches at his local high school. Tweets @FolkinsSpencer