Jetsam/Jettisoned by Sarah Hilton

Poem title: Jetsam/Jettisoned

Poet name: Sarah Hilton

Poem: Final heartbreak coming in full and this

time I’ll turn to water   starting from the belly


you told me I was earnest like a prayer

                       the kind you mouth before drowning     the final breath


barely brushing the surface               every word a drug bringing you to     god

every love I’ve had was always strung up


in the moon   I’ve been living in craters the size of mountains

pulse filling the silence                      heart beating like a fist                                  I’ll take


one last reminder before you let me go                    one last drag

before I’m out with the tide              the inside of your mouth filling


my lungs                     before I’m finally pulled down                       the body knowing

nothing                           memories dissolved to the flex of moonlight


I want you to look at what’s left and keep it like a promise

                       commit the sight of me to memory and hold it


to your throat    before you love again you will understand

at last     my body was tissue paper


                                                            I was coming apart in the water of you

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Sarah Hilton

Sarah Hilton (she/they) is a lesbian librarian, or... a lesbrarian! Her work has been featured in several print and online journals including Minola, Untethered, and CV2. She is the author of Saltwater Lacuna (Anstruther Press) and the digital chapbook homecoming (MODEL Press). They live in Toronto.