Join the League!

Members of the League are professional poets who are actively contributing to the development, growth, and public profile of poetry in Canada. We offer two primary levels of membership, as well as student and supporting memberships, open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.




The League welcomes applications from Canadian print and spoken word poets at all stages in their careers! Check out our eligibility criteria to find out which level of membership might be right for you: full membership, for emerging and established poets; or associate membership, for new and emerging poets. Students pursuing creative writing at the university or college level are eligible to receive a student discount on the associate membership fee.

If you were a member of the League in the past and you would like to renew your membership, please complete our Membership Renewal form. This form is NOT necessary if you are an active member of the League paying your annual membership fee.

For common questions about membership, visit our FAQ.

The League is also happy to offer a student membership ($30 annual membership fee) available to secondary school students, as well as a supporting membership for individuals interested in helping us support poets and poetry in Canada.

Interested in supporting the League but not ready to be a member? Consider joining the League of Donors and invest in poetry by becoming a monthly donor!


Membership with the League offers many benefits, from funding opportunities to cross-country networking and beyond.

  • Promote your projects, news, and calls for submissions in our Facebook group
  • Receive support promoting your news on the League’s website and social media channels
  • Customize your online profile available publicly in the League member directory
  • Connect with an international network of professional poets at various stages in their careers
  • Receive discounts on League-administered projects and awards
  • Apply to receive micro-grants for literary events all across Canada, including online events
  • Attend the AGM to connect with other members, the Board of Directors, and office staff
  • Sit on award juries, committees, and the Board of Directors
  • Contribute interviews, articles, and other writing to the League website and member newsletter
  • Review recent poetry collections, or share reviews of your own collection on the League website
  • Stay up to date on poetry news and opportunities in Canada with a subscription to our informational members-only newsletter, ST@NZA
  • Become eligible to open a benefits plan with the Writers’ Coalition

New members also receive:

  • Pro-rated membership fee based on the month your membership is approved
  • $40 discount in the first year of membership (full members only)



FULL MEMBERSHIP ($185 annual membership fee)
for emerging and established poets | click here to apply for full membership

Successful applicants for Full Membership will have at least one of the following:

  • 2-3 seasons of competitive slam poetry experience
  • 3+ years public feature performance history, outside of open mics (spoken word poets only)
  • 10+ paid feature performances (spoken word poets only)
  • One or more full-length book(s) of poetry published by or forthcoming (within 6 months) from a member of the Literary Press Group 
  • One or more full-length book(s) of poetry published by or forthcoming (within 6 months) from an established university press (eg. University of Toronto Press, University of Alberta Press, etc.)

Poets who do not meet the above criteria, but who have a significant history of publication, may apply for full membership addressing the following additional eligibility criteria:

  • One or more self-published book(s) of poetry
  • Two or more published chapbooks 
  • A literary journal publishing history spanning 50+ publications 
  • Poetry prizes and awards 
  • Literary grants received for poetry projects 
  • Extensive performance history outside of competitions and open mics 
  • Professionally produced videos or albums 

Poetry must be in French or English for the membership committee to review. If the published poems are in a language other than French or English, a substantial selection of poems in translation must be made available in English.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP ($70 annual membership fee)
for new and emerging poets | click here to apply for associate membership

Successful applicants for Associate Membership will have at least one of the following:

  • Publication in any LCP programs (eg. Poetry Pause, Poem in Your Pocket, LCP Chapbook Series) 
  • Chapbook published by a chapbook press or publisher 
  • Two or more poems published in established literary journals (online or in print) 
  • Having been awarded a creator grant for work on a poetry project from federal, provincial, or municipal government funding agencies 

Poets with a demonstrated commitment to continued publication and recognition, who do not meet the above criteria, may apply for associate membership using the following additional eligibility criteria:

  • Self-published chapbook(s) 
  • Formal education specializing in poetry (eg. Undergraduate Creative Writing degree, Humber School for Writers Summer Workshop, etc.) 
  • Mentee experience with an established poet 
  • Experience working with poetry literary journals or publishers 
  • Limited performance history outside of competitions and open mics 

Student discount (save $40 per year) available to associate members studying creative writing at the college or university level


All applications will require you to upload a literary CV that outlines your literary and poetic experience and achievements, including:

  • Publications
  • Awards and prizes
  • Grants awarded
  • Poetry-related education or workshops
  • Poetry-related or literary work experience

This document should be comprehensive, but does not need to be exhaustive.

Spoken word applications may be requested to submit 3-5 links or files (MP3 and MP4 only) to poem performances.

Associate print applications may be requested to submit a document of 10-15 poems.

Full print applications may be requested to submit a PDF proof of chapbook or full-length manuscript.




If you do not wish to become a member at this time, but would still like to support the League and its programs, please consider making a donation. Visit our support page for more information.