Lit’ny for It’ly by Susan Whelehan         

Poem title: Lit’ny for It’ly
Poet name: Susan Whelehan
Poem: Fountains and mountains,
Birdsong and psalms
Clay-tiled roofs
Mosaics, Icons
Paintings on ceilings
Marble on floors
Leonardo DaVinci and wild boars
Caves and graves
Ruins and towers
From wrought iron balconies—
Cascading flowers
Buildings peach and coral
Aperol, relic bones
Angelus bells and cobblestones	
The Tiber, The Arno
Pieta, Giotto
Dante and David
Pistachio Gelato
Latte, cappuccino
Puccini and Puti
Limoncello, Uffizi 
Bonjourno, Tutti!
Laundry out windows
Pizza, Chianti
Piazzas, Duomos,
Madonnas, Medici	
Espressos and Frescos
Olive trees and sea breezes                                                            
Ciao, Bella! 
Fresh cheeses 
and Jesus   
End of poem. 
Credits and bio: Copyright © Susan Whelehan
Susie Whelehan believes that words and rhythm are medicine covered by God’s Socialist Health Care Plan for Humanity. A member of the League of Canadian Poets, her poetry collection, The Sky Laughs at Borders, was published by Piquant Press in 2019. She was a runner-up in CBC’s Canada Writes. Her poetry placed first in the Canadian Church Press Awards, as well as the Lake Scugog Ekphrastic Literary Contest. Other poems are in anthologies, journals and friends’ birthday cards. She was privileged to spend many years teaching young children to read, write and learn poems by heart. Susie is a certified AWA (Amherst Writers and Artists) facilitator and leads workshops in her home in Toronto, on-line and at the Haliburton School of the Arts. As you now know, she loved It’ly.