Poetry Pause x Poetry in Union: Lois Lorimer – April

Lois Lorimer will be one of many amazing poets available to create custom, in-the-moment poems at the League’s Poetry In Union event on February 14, 2020. Find out more about Poetry In Union

April Slender pillars in the garden hold up russet heads of sedum, fatigued and wanting cropping they speak of the dead time when we receive notice that Spring has missed her flight. This winter hangs like the back page of a calendar in a forgotten cottage curled, foxed with mould as if this ground will never warm. And yet, toes of peony push through clay to entreat our recognition while hope speaks through chemicals deep in the ground where plants converse, stretch their wintered roots and sing arias to worms. Lois Lorimer is a Toronto poet, actor and teacher who was born in Brockville, Ontario. Her poems appear in journals including: Arc, Literary Review of Canada, Hart House Review, as well as anthologies including The Bright Well (Leaf Press: 2012), Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology (Mansfield Press: 2018) and Heartwood (2018). Her first collection is Stripmall Subver sive (Variety Crossing: 2012). Lois has a poem upcoming in Literary Review of Canada Jan/Feb 2020 and looks forward to writing poems for commuters at Poetry in Union!