Love (Letter) by Nofel

POEM TITLE: Love (letter)  POET NAME: Nofel POEM: 			For Cati  I talk to myself more  than I’d like  a man told me last Sunday fear makes one stop loving  before love   another body departs  yet its touch lingers   like quietude at night  though there are words I love I want to escape language(s)  or leave one for another    words can be distant  as the offing 	still I write  I long to her embrace  to her embrace in the sunlight  to her embrace in the sunlight near the bridge    what slips off the alphabet finds its way to touch    END OF POEM.  CREDITS AND BIO: Copyright © Nofel Nofel is a Canadian poet and essayist, writing in English and Arabic. His poems and essays have recently appeared in Canadian Notes and Queries, Mizna, Raseef 22, and Nizwa, among others. You can find him on Instagram @nofelsheleeg