Luna by Elana Wolff

Poem title: Luna
Poet name: Elana Wolff
Poem: You are full of glitches and I write my little songs. 

You grin like a backhand slap; I sit and scribble. 
One in stone and one / aloneness; bed or breakfast, 

which came first... arm or harm or charm...

The secrecies of outer / inner. Flips and language bits—
seeing these as p/art of poetry’s 

work. And choosing from among the waiting words 

to make them fit—in lines that might be said 
to write themselves. I cast a piece with you herein,

your takes and your mistakes, Moon. You gave your face 

for free, like Carrie Fisher signed her girlhood likeness—
Princess Leia—to Lucas. I tap your beauty too—

radiant in phases, grand and warm; at other times, 

ethereal, oblique. I’ll see you at the waterfall tonight. 
The song of falling water blankets the sadness. Yes, 

I’ll be alone. You will be alone as well. 
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Elana Wolff

Elana Wolff’s writing has recently appeared (or will soon appear) in Arc, Best Canadian Poetry 2024, CV2, FreeFall, Galaxy Brain, Montréal Serai, The Nashwaak Review, Pinhole Poetry, Prairie Fire, and Vallum. Her collection, Swoon, received the 2020 Canadian Jewish Literary Award for Poetry. Her cross-genre Kafka-quest work, Faithfully Seeking Franz, is forthcoming from Guernica Editions.