Make Sure To Wear Comfortable Shoes by Lesley-Anne Evans

Poem title: Make Sure To Wear Comfortable Shoes
Poet name: Lesley-Anne Evans
Poem: The necessity of setting blistered heels 
once more down hard on an uneven surface 
that won’t necessarily hold you.

The momentum required to move to the next 
line, and the next stanza—a maze where you pray 
the minotaur is sleeping or away on vacation.

Is this prose? (It can’t be a real poem, can it 
when it pours and pools without edits?)
A poem is a stream that undercuts asphalt.

A poem can also be a gathering of rain
in tall branches, and a pause before drops fall 
on you, wandering oblivious, underneath.

Writing and walking—every baptism
of the road, each small trial of one word 
then another set in space, synapses burning.
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Lesley-Anne Evans
Irish-Canadian Lesley-Anne Evans, is author of Mute Swan, her debut poetry collection from The St. Thomas Poetry Series (Toronto, 2021). Her work appears in The Antigonish Review, Barren, Cascadia Review, Contemporary Verse-2, Ekstasis, Lake (UBCO), Letters (Yale Divinity School), and Presence, among other periodical publications. A meaningful milestone experience occurred in July, 2023, when Lesley-Anne was selected to join a small cohort of poets at the Seamus Heaney Poetry Summer School, Queens University, Belfast—the city where she was born.