Marching On by Michelle Luelo

 Poem name: Marching On Poet name: Michelle Luelo Poem begins: The farmer ants are gone this morning, packed up like night-movers - gone without a trace. Tiny furrows bare, vines once covered black  gleam bright and green and spare.  I’m not likely to see that again;  once in a lightning strike like a hummingbird moth, or father in a necktie.  Aspic coloured ants  tending trailing plots of aphids.  Eggs and half hatched wings  and full grown flies clinging there to feed them. Trading honeydew  for safety and an auspicious place to sleep  I should have studied them harder  so I could remember them longer, paint their presence better. Awe is a frantic word like beautiful or love that tells you water is wet.  But doesn’t reveal how high above your head - the graceful river flows. End of Poem.  Credits: Copyright © Michelle Luelo Michelle Luelo lives, works and cares for her family in southern Ontario, where she was born and raised. She writes largely for personal pleasure and pastime.