Mo Ghile Mear by Anne Archer

Poem title: Mo Ghile Mear Poet name: Anne Archer Poem: James Bond at the end torn shirt boxer’s broken nose such a cock up, a bantam rooster settling scores screwing girls more or less than half his age oh, Commander Still, that solitary whiskey glass cut glass two fingers neat uisce beatha is ka ba ha water of life A tall drink of water, my father loved single malt and women, told me proudly when he was eighty-something that his new girlfriend was young enough to be my sister My father, deserted by his father, shipped off, overlooked for the job the next rung on the ladder he was desperate to climb Six of us thirteen-year-olds climbing up the hillock becoming dune sand, marram grass and sun, setting sun on water lapping the edges of the known world beyond which there be dragons who can be slayed by chant or supplication or three simple words: I love you, I love you, saying I love you mo ghile mear mo gill-eh mar my gallant star in that small space between rib and hip, where my skin shivers End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Anne Archer Previously published in yolk. (Vol.2.2/Summer 2022). Anne Archer (aka Archer Lundy) is a musician and poet who lives on unceded Algonquin Territory near Sharbot Lake, Ontario. Her poem sequence about Clara Schumann, ICH HEISSE CLARA, was published in 2021 by Alien Buddha Press; her second chapbook, FROM THE FRONTENACS, is hot off the Woodpecker Lane Press (2022). She is looking for a good home for her full-length poetry manuscript, PROMPTED.