Neighbours by Jennifer Cox

POEM TITLE: Neighbours POET NAME: Jennifer Cox POEM: The neighbours have a beautiful home Big windows, nice cars Two children and a dog We’ve only met a few times Said hello over the fence, but I know  9:30, Tuesday mornings They tryst in their bedroom One set of legs curl and arch under the other Curtains open, the southern sun and I Peek in for a better look  In the early evenings, he undresses - First displays an early moonrise, then turns His front side to the new stars, rising - His lit room invites in the darkness A spotlight to focus the audience  I do not know if the neighbours know That I know what I know, but I do know, they watch me do yoga each Friday in my living room  		I wonder, do they want to join? END OF POEM.  CREDITS AND BIO: Copyright © Jennifer Cox  Jennifer Cox (she/her) is a poet, mother, lover of the outdoors, and lawyer. She resides in Ottawa with her husband and sons.