New Curriculum by Lori-Anne Noyahr

Poem title: New Curriculum
Poet: Lori-Anne Noyahr
Poem: Post-pandemic, I inquired 
what would be prioritized 
when they return to class — 
literacy or history, 
science, or math?

Where had our children 
fallen farthest behind?

The youngest yearn
to explore the world beyond
their fathers or their mothers
but fear to speak 
with one another 

They do not yet know
masked strangers can bear smiles, 
make jokes, spread cheer
that we hid our faces from our neighbours
out of love, not fear

and that laughter
can transmit
through cloth 
to bind together
the lone, and lost. 

We must start slowly,
in small collaborations—
even how to throw 
and catch a ball. 

No learning can be done
until we cultivate
joy and belonging
among them all.
End of poem. 
Credits and bio: Copyright © Lori-Anne Noyahr
Lori-Anne Noyahr has a passion for travel, exploring different cultures and seeking the commonalities that bind people together. She currently resides in Toronto where she practises anesthesiology and enjoys everyday adventures with her husband and two daughters.