Newfoundland: On the Line by Susie Whelehan

Poem name: Newfoundland: On the Line Poet name: Susie whelehan Poem begins: This coastal road winds its way past primary coloured, well-weathered clapboard houses hugging the hillsides, yards unfurling plain, plaid and patterned well-washed clothes jigging in the wind. Saints and sinners alike hang their laundry on the line: Prayer Flags proclaiming the promise of a fresh start. Bless the cherry-print apron with the faint stain from a blueberry pie and the one who shared the secret of the pastry. Bless the t-shirts that celebrate superheroes or trumpet a favorite team, and the one grown holey with age. Bless the PJ’s in three sizes: the largest ones new and the hand-me-downs. Bless the nightgown in its softness as it goes on and as it comes off. Bless the sheets, the pillow cases, the tears and dreams they’ve shared. Bless the hands that hung it up, the breeze, the sun, the scent, the wicker basket waiting. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Susie Whelehan Previously published in The Sky Laughs at Borders (Piquant Press, 2019). Susie Whelehan facilitates AWA (Amherst Writers and Artists) writing workshops in her home and her Community Centre in the west end of Toronto when there is no Pandemic, and on-line when there is. Her most famous collection of poetry, The Sky Laughs at Borders (okay, her only collection of poetry so far) was published by Piquant Press in 2019. She has had great fun writing spontaneous poems for perfect strangers for the past three years through the League’s Poetry in Union event. You can hear her read more of her poetry at