On Days When Regret Has a Voice by Lesley-Anne Evans

Poem title: On Days When Regret Has a Voice Poet name: Lesley-Anne Evans Poem: The miracle would be going back, back, before we did all we’ve done to each other, back to loving how you arrive so raucous and raw, before I dream up all the ways I might mold you into something less mighty. The miracle would be waking to find all heaviness lost in the dark, and the wheel within a wheel turning, like a movie’s opening scene—repeating, repeating, repeating—the part where she sees him, oh so briefly, then carries on. That subtle fore-shadow when what happens next is anyone’s guess. Or, at the end reel spin and flutter, us, transfixed, unable to leave the theatre. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Lesley-Anne Evans Irish-Canadian poet, Lesley-Anne Evans, writes from Feeny Wood, a contemplative woodland retreat in Kelowna, B.C. where she offers away spaces for artists and spiritual seekers. Her debut poetry collection Mute Swan, Poems for Maria Queen of the World, is published by The St. Thomas Poetry Series (Toronto). Lesley-Anne has written libretto and lyrics for opera and cantata. Her poems appear in periodicals and anthologies. Lesley-Anne’s favourite places are wild west coast beaches where she feels both awed and insignificant.