On the beaches of Cape Breton by Brianna Cheng

Poem title: On the beaches of Cape Breton

Poet name: Brianna Cheng

Poem: You asked me to

put sunscreen on your back but 

how could I

steward an island of your skin

harvest pearls of awe nestled 

in each of your freckles

in that pale pool

that oasis, buttressed by 

the parachute silk of your shoulder blades

how could you ask me

to claim that acre of you?


A brush

                       a breath,    breeze

soft as the light I try to catch, stumbling

I pray to the things not bound to this earth

to get close to you, hovering

to imply my presence, floating

I can do everything but

touch you

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Brianna Cheng

Brianna Cheng is a writer and student from Ontario. She was previously a Humanities Editor for the McGill Journal of Medicine and first reader for WTAW Press.