Poem in a Pasture by Anne Hopkinson

Poem title:  Poem in a Pasture 

Poet name: Anne Hopkinson 

Poem: This is the poem: 

Clouds graze the sky. 

Below, sheep drift gentle 

over fields, soft mirrors. 

Warm, white snow. 


She sprays the poem on a flock of sheep, 

one word each on their woolly rumps, 

and sets them free on a hillside 

to roam the field tuft to tuft, 

finding the juiciest tussocks, drawn 

to dandelions and buttercups along the path. 

Sky munches her way beside the, 

and over follows snow. 


Fleecy diction dots the hill, forming 

and reforming in ephemeral phrases 

determined by the flock, by the abundance 

of fresh green grass. 

Ruminants range in free verse. 


Soft, mirror, and fields find shade 

under a rowan tree, 

while below and gentle drink at a puddle. 

How easily they spread and gather: 

no writer’s block, no inner critic to stifle 

a human hand. 

Fifteen breeding ewes embody a poem 

on a meadow. Like poets they revise 

 – white beside clouds – no, too cliché. 

Now white grazes with drift. 

End of poem. 

Credits and bio: Copyright © Anne Hopkinson 

Anne Hopkinson is President of Planet Earth Poetry, a reading series of 27 years in Victoria. Her work appears in chapbooks, anthologies and journals. She won the Canadian Stories Poetry Prize in 2019, the Emily Carr Poetry Contest in 2021. Recent works are found in The New Quarterly # 164, The Antigonish Review #209, and the May 2023 contest runner-up in Arc Poetry.