Poetry reading by Louise Carson

Poem title: Poetry reading Poet name: Louise Carson Poem: for Susan Gillis In the church hall where the poets impressed, the one who won the night lulled us with her drift. As images slid, we didn’t hear her words so much as overhear her feelings. The child didn’t need to speak or think. Little body chilled in the dark. Her dad lay next to her to help her sleep. After his long day, commute, he fell first. The child, a bulb beneath the snow, warmed a little, as the earth warms when the sun lays down blue shadows that show the lover-lost woman in the black silk dress. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Louise Carson Louise Carson has been lucky enough to have published fourteen books in the genres of poetry, mystery and historical fiction. Her latest work includes The Last Unsuitable Man, a psychological mystery, and Third Circle, a weird road trip, set in Scotland in 1719. Her two collections of poetry are Dog Poems and A Clearing. She’s thrice been selected for inclusion in Best Canadian Poetry, in 2013, 2021 and 2024. Her next cozy mystery, The Cat Looked Back, drops in the fall of 2023. She’s presently working on a collection of haiku. Louise lives with her pets near Montreal, and when not writing, runs, shovels snow and gardens.