Postcard from Sulmona by Caroline Morgan di Giovanni

Poem name: Postcard from Sulmona Poet name: Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni Poem begins: Ovid still lives in Sulmona. Change takes place daily in the main piazza where the boy-gods pursue the lovely Laura’s, clever now to amorous enchantment their sweet shoulders turned dark hair shining with curls for change will come their womanhood  will change them.  O Maestro Ovidius, how you must long for the sun on the bright piazza the sky the color of the Adriatic and you lamenting the loss, like gold snatched away.  Ah but your words outlasted the power of empire,  the jealous husband, pomp and ceremony  in an ancient court. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni Previously published in Second Collection (2013) and in the bilingual chapbook Poems for Two Worlds/ Powsie per due mondi (2022) Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni moved from Philadelphia to Toronto to attend university. She studied English lit , art history, and Italian. She still lives in Toronto where she edited three anthologies of Italian Canadian Prose and Poetry (Voices 1986; Voices 2006; Bravo! 2012). Her poetry books include Looking at Renaissance Paintings and Other Poems (2008), Second Collection ( 2013) and the chapbooks Portrait Gallery (2021) and Poems for Two Worlds/ Poesie per due mondi (2022).