Prom Night by Ruth Panofsky

Poem title: Prom Night by Ruth Panofsky Poet name: I sit on the couch careful not to crease the dress that cost more than you meant to spend smile little aware of lipstick applied deliberately unpracticed as I am in the skill of artifice clasp my hands wait patiently for my date who is late then later and finally so late I concede defeat as you sweep me into your arms whirl me about the living room lights dimmed hi-fi music bouncing off the walls Poem: End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Ruth Panofsky Previously published in Bring Them Forth, (Ekstasis Editions, November 2022). Ruth Panofsky’s latest book of poems, Bring Them Forth, was recently published by Ekstasis Editions. Her poems have appeared in various journals, including the Literary Review of Canada, Quarantine Review, Shirim, and White Wall Review.