Pulsate by Suparna Ghosh

Poem title: Pulsate
Poet name: Suparna Ghosh
Poem: Colour is not just a pigment of my imagination

gleaned from the veins of leaves 
and the blood of stems
garnered from pulsating pollen
crumbling dried thickets
hewn from the core of ores
ammolite malachite iolite
bloodstones oozing red
copper dust from earth’s womb
angry ash from a forest fire 
charred red soil of an island
from plumes left behind 
by parrots and puffins
a moth’s gossamer wings

Colour is not just a whim on my canvas

It’s a centrifugal fire which rises
from the bowels
and fills my eyes
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Suparna Ghosh
Previously published in Occassionally.
A writer, painter and a former adjudicator, Suparna Ghosh has published three books of poetry and two musical CDs based on her poems. Her works have appeared in numerous national and international literary journals. Suparna has been featured in the award-winning 2022 anthology A River of Stars, Poets of the Vineyard, San Francisco; History of Contemporary Indian English Poetry; Poetcrit: Silver Jubilee Special on Post-1960 Indian English Poetry; Poetry and Poetics: Contemporary World Poets. In 2022, on the occasion of UNESCO World Poetry Day, her work was published in an anthology by Print Publications, India. A grand prize winning poem was choreographed and staged in California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Among other awards, including The Ontario Poetry Society contests, she was short-listed for the Montreal International Poetry Prize and published in their Global Poetry Anthology. She is one of the founding members of the Art Bar, the longest running poetry reading series in Canada. Her pen and ink drawings were selected for provincial and national painting competitions by the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto. She has exhibited in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Mumbai and New Delhi. Please visit suparnaghosh.com