Poetry Pause x Poetry in Union: Puneet Dutt – Keys

Puneet Dutt will be one of many amazing poets available to create custom, in-the-moment poems at the League’s Poetry In Union event on February 14, 2020. Find out more about Poetry In Union

Poem author: Puneet Dutt Poem title: Keys Poem: before this winter, you would’ve never lost them. before this you’d been preened each feather in place. before this, you had been aware of all exits. one march, scraping the bones of a starling from the drive, you had known the world’s arrogant rulers, studied the hinges of a birdcage, known the mechanism and its locks. End of Poem. Copyright © Puneet Dutt Puneet Dutt’s debut collection of poetry, The Better Monsters (Mansfield Press), was a Finalist for the 2018 Trillium Book Award For Poetry, was Shortlisted for the 2018 Raymond Souster Award and was named one of “Ontario’s Best Books” by NOW Magazine. Her chapbook, PTSD south beach (Grey Borders Books), was a Finalist for the Breitling Chapbook Prize. She holds a MA in English from Ryerson University, is the Editor-in-Chief of The Puritan Magazine, is an editorial board director at Canthius, and is a creative writing workshop facilitator with the Toronto Writers Collective. Dutt is an immigrant/settler and currently lives in Markham with her husband and son.