Red Vise, Blue Vise by Eric J. Stormer

Poem title: Red Vise, Blue Vise

Poet name: Eric J. Stormer

Poem: at left front edge

of thick wooden

workbench sat

the red vise


little fingers twirled

shiny steel baton

to open and shut

toothed jaws that clamped

with satisfying force


was so much

he could

mend and build


learned from

childhood farm days

and sheer determination

not to pay another

if at all possible




today put

blue vise

up for sale


purchased some

twenty years ago


pristine and unused

sat on concrete

all this time

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Eric J. Stormer

Eric J. Stormer is a household manager, wordsmith, and songwriter living in Western Canada. He believes that poetry unlocks the music and magic of language. Find his self-published poetry (blog & Twitter/X) and more at