Refractions in Bath Time Residue Under Moonlight by Spencer Folkins

Poem name: Refractions in Bath Time Residue Under Moonlight
Poet name: Spencer Folkins
Poem: Soap bubbles burst in haphazard piles, a battlefield 
of hygiene: tear-free may not mean what it seems but Ajax 
has never retreated from nerdy double-entendre. Each abrupt 
departure allows a cleaner blade, yet regret 
is sure to colour the lawn yellow by sunrise.

For now, as evening’s chill 
and dew advance their threats,
each eccentric dome reflects
the faded obscurity of a moon-mirrored rainbow.

The sun is somewhere distant but,
though the porchlight casting moths
and web-worn shadows refracts 
the promise artificially, each sphere 
must surrender, still, to shapeless air.
It is all familiar enough

to the baby forgotten with the bath water,
any difference remains indistinguishable
between the mundane and ethereal. Each evokes 
indifference cloaked 
with wonder.
End of poem. 
Credits and bio: Copyright © Spencer Folkins
Spencer Folkins (he/him) is thinking about creating a hybrid piece that is part paint-by-numbers, part poem. He has served on the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick’s Board of Directors and on the Editorial Board for The Fiddlehead. Writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Arc, QWERTY, FreeFall, Riddle Fence, HA&L Magazine, Feels Zine, The Madrigal, boats against the current, and elsewhere. Spencer is a graduate of St. Thomas University’s School of Education (B.Ed. 2021) and currently teaches at his local high school. Tweets @FolkinsSpencer