Self-Love by Beth Lexah

Poem title: Self-Love

Poet name: Beth Lexah

Poem: Look for yourself

Put up posters on every scar

Ring the alarm, get the police to search the bar

Ask for your sanity at the lost and found desk

Listen to the search party at 5AM calling you from the mosque

The amber alerts buzzing your childhood trauma to surrender

Find your voice in solitude, you are the adventure

The map is in your coping patterns

Trace them back, to smoky rooms and tongue-tied throats

Follow the signs on your tear tracks

It’s okay to change your mind, to pack your things and

leave them behind. Unlearning feels like rewinding,

Letting memories linger, without controlling you to anger.

Forgive yourself, for the scratches on your ego

For staying too long, for dimming your light.

Trust in your purpose, you’re still here

Allow faith to sync with your energy

When you let go, you will always grow

Choose yourself, the ones who stay will see

What you seek. Redefine love to your hearts

Desires, every morning of everyday fall deeply in

love with the beat of your heart,

unapologetically with the rhythm of your breath

as your cup runs over, share in depth.

Being an island is lonely but loving yourself first is holy.

Appreciate who you’ve become

how you’ve dug a grave for your insecurities

fought the war on drugs by yourself and for

Yourself. When rhythm and blues are queued

Remember that living in your skin

Is a song only you can sing.

Find the God in you, be all that

You could possibly be.

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Beth Lexah


Beth Lexah uses her words, to inspire and inform her audience into empowerment. Her studio-recorded album, 9:19, showcases her passion for storytelling and an unyielding desire to evoke introspection. She is an author, known for her poetry book, Spilt Milk. Beth graduated from university with a degree in business, equipping her with a keen understanding of the world and its complexities. Building upon this foundation, she further honed her analytical prowess by attaining a master’s degree in analytics from Queens University. This unique blend of artistry and analytical thinking allows Beth to bring a fresh perspective to her creative process, resulting in a dynamic fusion of intellect and imagination.