Separation by Emily Kedar

Poem title: Separation
Poet name: Emily Kedar
Poem: The first sin is refusal – Jan Zwicky 

There’s a kill-site in the snow above the river: 
prints where wing tips brushed powder only once,
where their tracks frame red specked tufts of fur. 

Something’s been done here I need 
to recognize. Later, my dog brings me the head
of a rabbit with no face, sits at my feet, proud. 

The wires behind 
where the rabbit’s eyes should be 
reach out looking for their soft wet cups.

For days now, I’ve pushed my spine against
what’s coming between you and me, 
forced the hard edge 

of that conversation closed. Bright blood
on white snow. You’ve been eyeing 
me, across the table, on the couch, wondering 
when it will come. 
End of poem. 
Credits and bio:  Copyright © Emily Kedar
Previously published in Swing, Issue 1, summer 2023.
Emily Kedar is a writer, poet and therapist living Ontario, Canada. Her work has most recently been featured in The Maynard, Living Hyphen and The Loch Raven Review and is forthcoming in The Avalon Review. She is a merit scholar and MFA canditate at Pacific University.