Shall I Go? by Allie Picketts

Poem title: Shall I go? Poet name: Allie Picketts Poem: I have believed and ceased believing many things but if I were to believe no longer    that the arbutus leaves in their rustling were speaking to me then how could I go on?     Progress they say. There isn’t room enough for all of us here.    Shall I go?     I feel it keenly in my bones    I stop and stand and write mid-hill as if in the last     moment of my life    I think I hear windchimes    and that is my angelic trumpet  and the geese, I think, have 		no words for north or south. End of poem.  Credits and Bio: Copyright © Allie Picketts Allie Picketts (she/her) is a musician, parent, writer, teacher, and lover of nature. She is thankful to live within the traditional territory of the T’Sou-ke Nation. Allie can be found on Instagram @allie.picketts