Sky Flowers by Cynthia Sharp

Poem name:Sky flowers Poet name: Cynthia Sharp Poem begins: Branches mingle into sky flowers  a canopy of butterflies setting sail  the blossoming of talent from a hidden cove of ideas  the work of the trunks to manifest largely the kernel within to dream in blends and bends of sea-green world  the magnificence and relief of standing tall. We are fluorescent fronds of tree fish  swimming through phosphorescent foam  to a clear path of what we deserve to be  the mysticism of color the aura of forest made tangible. Like ancient dragonflies the esoteric heart of the world  tasting creation we embrace permission and freedom to go directly  to where we most need and want to be an island cocoon of love, light and safety.  In the communion of trees we learn  by steadily working day by day  season by season stretching branches to finally flourish that self-actualization is for the good of all.  Our growth protects others. What feels right must be the evolution of consciousness  mirroring meditation. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Cynthia Sharp Forthcoming in interdisciplinary art shows with Bowen Island painter Jilly Watson Cynthia Sharp is a fine arts graduate student on the beautiful west coast. She is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets as well as The Writers’ Union of Canada and regularly judges contests, such as the 2020 Pandora’s Collective International Poetry Contest. Her work can be found in many literary journals including CV2, Pocket Lint, untethered and The Pitkin Review. Her collection Rainforest in Russet is available from libraries and local bookstores. “Sky Flowers” is part of her collaboration with Bowen Island painter Jilly Watson for upcoming art shows.