Snowy Ornament by Clayton Longstaff

Poem title: Snowy Ornament

Poet name: Clayton Longstaff

Poem:             —crowned golden kinglets plunge

                                                                                               scarp to


                       igniting vistas of white

                                     embers behind our eyes           roving



                       dead branches for a view like readers

                                               fluttering curved ridges,

                                                                                  crests of keratin, frost and


                       a berry grows plump on trampled kinnikinnick—

                                                                                   moments earlier we brightened        



           the story’s summit, laughter latticing the air

                                  as we shadowed tracks of a desire path



                       how high you were, the birthday cake, the LSD—

                        we’re scaling the icy slope

                                                                       of this part of you,



                       like purling solstice sky: auditable      

                                                                                              the way a snowfall


End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Clayton Longstaff

Clayton Longstaff’s work has appeared in publications including The Dalhousie Review, Geist, The Literary Review of Canada, Canadian Literature, Prism International, and elsewhere. He lives in Victoria, BC.