Splendor of Wings

Splendor of Wings cover

Celebrating the work of poets over 65

Edited by Claudia Coutu Radmore, this chapbook anthology features poetry from: Anne Archer, Marilyn Belak, Richard Brait, Michelle Poirier Brown, Ronnie R. Brown, Neall Calvert, Louise Carson, Eric Folsom, Tom Gannon Hamilton, Eva Kolacz, Janis La Couvee, Donna Langevin, Dorothy Mahoney, Blaine Marchand, Shelley McAneeley, Gil McElroy, John Oughton, Kerry Rawlinson, and Nan Williamson.

From the introduction

What a pleasure it was to read all 234 poems that first time! It didn’t take long to realize there were more than enough submissions worthy of an anthology, but I was to pare them down for a chapbook. It felt criminal to choose only these for Splendor of Wings. 

Our ‘over sixty-five’ poets revealed multi-faceted up-to-date language, the whole gamut of ideas, poetics and form.

One author caught the general tone with the phrase ‘life’s a neo-noir Western’. With the benefit of experience, years of practice, and an awareness of contemporary writing, these poets know not only how brutal and/or ecstatic life can be, but how the mystery of it constantly multiplies. 

Dear younger poets, we have a surprise for you: poet brains are not slowly stagnating. 

We are strong. 

We are wonderful.  


Claudia Coutu Radmore, editor