Statement of Support for Black and Indigenous People and Communities

June 2020

The League of Canadian Poets stands in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and other marginalized communities who have been the targets and victims of racism, prejudice, police brutality, and acts of violence. We support all who speak out, take action, and peacefully protest to bring an end to systemic racism.

We are angry and we grieve the lives of all who have been lost at the hands of police violence, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, D’Andre Campbell, Eishia Hudson, and all others.

Poetry has always been a means to bring words to the unspeakable, to offer hope in times of hopelessness, and build strong and compassionate communities. Poetry continues to be a stronghold on which we can place our humanity, our compassion, and goodwill towards all.

The League of Canadian Poets is committed to being a catalyst for change and empathy for the arts community. We will continue to work together to support and amplify the voices of racialized and marginalized artists.

We have gathered a list of resources and organizations that support this goal, please see: Resources and Organizations to support BIPOC