Stone Fruit by Owen Torrey

Poem title: Stone Fruit

Poet name: Owen Torrey

Poem: Wasn’t what was talked about.

Was plum without pit. Was warm,

not wet. Was this. Not touch.

Was winter. Was that winter. Was

that winter when. Was the plum

aware of pit. Was the pit. Was

the plum the bruise. Was skin,

not flesh. Wasn’t what I wanted. Was

what it was. Was the thing itself. Was

there sound. Was sound there. Was not.

Was the plum purple. Was the flies. Not

that this, not this wound, not that having

been wounded. Was the plum. Was. Not me.

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Owen Torrey

Owen Torrey is a writer from Toronto. His poems have appeared with The Literary Review of Canada, CBC Books, Canadian Literature, Geist, The Malahat Review, and elsewhere. He has been longlisted for the CBC-Radio Canada Poetry Prize and awarded the Roger Conant Hatch Prize for Lyric Poetry. He currently works for the editorial department at Knopf Canada.