The Eagle Encourages You To Look Up by Honey Novick

Poem title:  The Eagle Encourages You To Look Up
Poet name: Honey Novick
Poem: It is said:
“…the eagle loves to soar high above the world,
not to look down on people,
but in order to encourage them to look up…”

And so we look at the spacious blue of the sky
and so we dream beyond the horizon
we dream blue and 
point with red-painted fingernails
we dream red with sanguine eyes and breathe fire
lighting a yellow memory
not knowing if it is purple, orange or ochre

We cling to these dreams and memories
during the black and white of a cold winter
We cling to these as we cling to hope,
for when we no longer breathe the fire of hope,
we die.
When we no longer dream we become automatons
When we no longer court curiosity, 
we no longer become

When we remember the eagle, our hearts soar
and we look up to the sky and are encouraged
and we dance in the reverie of our dreams,
our memory, our hope.

End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Honey Novick
Honey Novick is the 2023 Outstanding Neighbour Awardee and the 2022 Community Hero in the Arts winner, St. Paul’s Riding, Province of Ontario. She is a member of the League of Candian Poets, The Writer’s Union of Canada, Poetry in Voice and SOCAN, (Society of Composers Artists and Publishers of Canada). She is the 2019 CSARN (Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network) Mentor Awardee, and the 2022 and 2023 Writer’s Union of Canada Mentor Awardee. She has 8 CDs, LPs, and 10 books of poetry to her name. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines. She has been published in India, Japan, Kenya, Argentina, and Greece. Her poetry book Bob Dylan, My Rabbi was purchased for the permanent collection, Robarts Library University of Toronto and nominated for a Canadian Jewish Book Award. Her complete collection of books and recordings was purchased by the National Gallery of Art/Ottawa/General Idea Reading Room. Her vocals contributed to poetry by George Elliott Clarke’s “J’Accuse” book launch and she sings with bill bissett. She teaches Voice Yoga and is an artist resource for the Friendly Spike Theatre.