The Emerald by Cynthia Sharp

Poem title: The Emerald Poet name: Cynthia Sharp Poem: Scattered amid plumeria and orchids, dandelions, once a pesky weed, the barnacle of the garden, now animate the earth, velvet summer adjacent to aged rosewoods bearded in moss, the fragrant scent of pollen transformed into wine and salad greens. I cast a thousand wishes through the winds of time, my fortune of seeds dispersed across the forest floor. The emerald returns to prune through tufts of feathery florets and build its nest in soft dandelion and honeysuckle. In the fervent flash of hummingbirds you rise, spirit aflutter in their wings. I turn your ashes anew – you are here, salt from the sea washed ashore. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Cynthia Sharp Previously published in Rainforest in Russet (Silver Bow Publishing, 2018). Cynthia Sharp is a fine arts graduate student in Port Townsend where she volunteers as the Submissions Editor for The Pitkin Review literary journal. She is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets and regularly judges contests, such as the 2020 Pandora’s Collective International Poetry Contest. After a two year term on the executive of the Federation of British Columbia Writers while also serving as the Greater Vancouver Regional Rep, Blog Editor and Regional Newsletter Editor, she’s turning her attention to interdisciplinary collaboration with playwrights and visual artists. Her work can be found in many literary publications, including CV2, Pocket Lint, untethered and Subjectiv Journal. Her full length collection Rainforest in Russet is available from libraries and local bookstores.