The Grand Bazaar by Jasper Glen

Poem title: The Grand Bazaar Poet name: Jasper Glen Poem: We paid the Grand Bazaar a visit On our last day in Istanbul, Hours before the flight left. I was already feeling unwell. Two weeks drying out in The Turkish sun. I didn’t Want to fly home, but I didn’t Want to stay here either. A Continent – I pushed myself A way to the entrance, following My sister’s lead, photo – smiling The stone arch above us, sacred Capture: Did I drink some water... Maunder into that hall, the narrow Passage and all the people, I’m Passing out from heat stroke While standing, going through The motions of touristry; the other Side of colours, bougee spices, Fine carpentry, chess pieces, Hookahs, carpets, treats, etc. My sister got me medicine For the first 8-hour flight home, I stared at the back of the headrest In front of me – World of the East Passing over my shoulder The airspace of hell, entering an oven 24hrs in transit – it’s possible I died in that hallway and have been Living a new life since then From the same hotel, where I found the right room, placed The key in, dropped my bags, Approached the white bed, Told my grandchildren, ‘Once I visited a bazaar and never Came back.’ End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Jasper Glen Jasper Glen is from Vancouver. His poems appear or are forthcoming in A Gathering of the Tribes, Amsterdam Quarterly, Posit, and other journals.