The here and now by Jerry Iwanus

Poem name: The here and now  Poet name: Jerry Iwanus Poem begins: Twitching whiskers, a panoramic adventure: a scruffy fieldmouse, regretting its curiosity or a songbird, unaware its final stanza is at hand.  Pounce! Watching, how do we know if the dream-hunt was a success?  Days among the brambles are long past, with the indoor chase far less precarious (for all concerned). Catnip-infused prey and little plastic stairs to the soft, sunny places are now de rigeur,  the thought of today’s agenda supplanting the striving for just one more prize.  A long lifetime, with sunset in view  and chin whiskers showing grey.  Wizened. With failed hunts and inevitability never coming to mind,  he sleeps, contented. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Jerry Iwanus  Jerry Iwanus is proud to live au Coeur de l’Acadie, in the bustling fishing village of Pointe-Sapin and, despite being an Anglophone, is proud to live at least part of his life in the language of the people who have called the Maritimes home since the early 17th century. Jerry has done technical and expository writing for years, but is new to creative writing through poetry, having embraced it because of the deep love and appreciation he has for his adopted NB home. He has a couple of minor academic publications related to his MA in history, but no published works of poetry (or a website) yet. All in good time.