The Hum by Erin McGregor

Poem title: The Hum Poet: Erin McGregor Poem: October sun on the trees, making a final, gilded applause. It’s excruciating: this capacity to receive I am stretched so taut the faintest fingering of light on the pavement breaks me, splits me open. Open, I am inverted and raw, ecstatic. A grinning fool wandering the streets of suburbia with a hum in me: the bowl of my pelvis humming, the birds behind my sternum humming, the beggar in my eyes, humming. Humming and humming, spilling over with all this rapture. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Erin McGregor Erin McGregor’s work has appeared in numerous literary magazines, including CV2, The Dalhousie Review, Room, The Antigonish Review, Prairie Fire and others. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia in 2022. Her first collection of poems, What Fills Your House Like Smoke, is forthcoming with Thistledown Press in 2024.