The Linden Tree by Jeevan Bhagwat

Poem title:  The Linden Tree
Poet name: Jeevan Bhagwat
Poem: Your loveliness took root	
inside me,	
branched its way through my body
till my spirit cried out
with an aria of 
linden leaves.

All this time
you watched over me,
ringed my years with 
while my sapling dreams sprouted
and grew.

Lovers came and went,
friends disappeared,
but always, there was you
steadfast and true,
who oxygenated my lungs
when hope was hard
to breathe.

When the dark shadow comes
to cut me down
in the twilight of my days to be,
know that you carved
your name on my heart,
and filled my life
with beauty.   
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Jeevan Bhagwat
Previously published in Luminescence, (IN Publications, 2020), Worth More Standing, (Caitlin Press, 2022).
I live and work in Scarborough, Ontario. My poems have been widely published in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. In 2003 and 2005, I won the Monica Ladell Prize for Poetry and in 2015, I was the recipient of the Scarborough Urban Hero Award for Arts and Culture. In 2023 I won the Ontario Poetry Society’s Across The Universe Poetry Contest. I am the co-facilitator of the Scarborough Poetry Club. My poetry books include The Weight of Dreams (IN Publications, 2012) and Luminescence (IN Publications, 2020).