The Next Generation volume 4

The League was made aware that the poem “poem for palm pressed upon pane” by Morouje Sherif, originally selected as the second-place winner in the senior category, was plagiarized from the poem of the same name by Marwa Helal, published in Invasive Species (423: poem for palm pressed upon pane | The Slowdown ( (Invasive species – Nightboat Books). The poem has been removed from our website, but remains published in the fourth volume of The Next Generation, due to budgetary constraints that prevent reissuing the publication. An amendment is included with all chapbooks.

Congratulations to the 2023 winners of the Jessamy Stursberg Poetry Prize for young poets! The League is excited to be publishing the six winners of this year’s prize.

Senior winners, from grades 10, 11, and 12:

‘Last Day of the Circadian Ache’ by Vivian Sun

‘The Outcast’ by Zixuan Xu

Junior winners, from grades 7, 8, and 9:

‘Mirrors’ by Sana Huang

‘Nightsky Observations’ by Meala Sang

‘Life is Rain’ by Caoimhe Karl

We are also thrilled to be publishing additional selections from the 2023 jurors:

‘Biking Without Hands’ by Jaiden Ahuja

‘Fate’ by Leonardo Yang

‘Diwali, Vancouver’ by Sofia Varma-Vitug

‘Melody Birds’ by Emily Lane

 ‘Notes of Belonging’ by Vanessa Chen

‘The Art of Creation’ by Asma Ameen Majeed

Thank you to our jurors Vivian Li, Kevin Irie, Anita Ngai, K.P. Heyming, Deborah L. Kelly, and Erin Bedford for their work in selecting these poems!