The Redress of Nature by Genevieve Chornenki

Poem title: The Redress of Nature Poet name: Genevieve Chornenki Poem: Pity the sow in the farrowing crate restrained, contained, not allowed to be her genuine she, nursing free. Luckless the grass in suburban yards chopped, cropped, never windblown or left alone, endessly mown. But on the verge of the farmer’s field where feral hogs root and ravage soybeans —an ecstacy of blooming grasses. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Genevieve Chornenki Genevieve Chornenki is an emerging poet who appreciates formal poetic forms and relishes the discipline that meter and rhyme impose on the poet. She has studied scribal arts under Canadian novelist Kim Echlin and poets Catherine Graham and Allan Briesmaster. Currently, she is working doggedly on a combination of poetry and prose intended for people who find poetry opaque. Don’t Lose Sight, Genevieve’s contemplation on eyesight, was published in 2021. She lives and botanizes in Toronto.