The Sea Glass Collector by Lawrence Maxwell

Poem title: The Sea Glass Collector

Poet name: Lawrence Maxwell

Poem: Seafoam teardrop;

inconsiderate smoothing

by great waves,

sandpaper beds

and stories imagined.

Ebbs and flows

on journeys home;

a sweet prize

for the candy

glass collector

and her



Flecks of white

seaside impressions

carefully examined.

Stories of rum-runners,

dumpsites, and

other moonlight activities

yielding forbidden treasure.

Careful eyes to spot

a lightened edge

where gentle thumbs

confirm the vision

only to be placed

in vases, unshattered

by an Eastern window.

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Lawrence Maxwell

Lawrence Maxwell is an emerging Prince Edward Island writer. His joy for writing began in elementary school, penning a series of short stories surrounding a central character, “Oddey the Mouse.” In early adulthood, he began to focus on music, winning the 2019 Music PEI Country Album of the Year for his debut album Not Your Outlaw. His sophomore album, Almost Natural was also a Music PEI award winner and was nominated for an ECMA in 2021. Poetry has always gone hand in hand with Lawrence’s music. His debut poetry collection, Morning Spoon, was shortlisted for the 2022 PEI Island Literary Awards, and his recent poem, “Poppy’s Handshake” was the winner of the Off Topic poetry contest for May 2022.