The Snow Spirit by Alvy Carragher

Poem name:  The Snow Spirit  Poet name: Alvy Carragher Poem: I’ve only seen snow  like this in films, falling in sheets  over all the greys, browns, pavements hidden  beneath its forceful quiet.   A Yorkshire Terrier  turns her face upwards,  her yellow raincoat,  a dash of vibrant colour,  hind legs lost in the drift,  paws in red booties.  Something so irresistible  about those booties,  red dots punctuating  the quiet.    A woman tugs her lead,  maybe work, maybe emails.   But this creature is resolute,  she will have—  snow going kiss, kiss,  wind going wahooosh, wahoosh,  footsteps going munch, munch.  It’s delicious.   She eats it up  in big white mouthfuls,  body shivering  as snow melts in her throat, becoming one  with her tiny dog cells.  Her spirit takes up  the whole street.  End of poem.  Credits and bio: Copyright © Alvy Carragher  Archived by the Irish Poetry Archive in both handwritten and video form. The video of the reading is available on youtube, search for: “The snow spirit” read by Irish Diaspora poet Alvy Carragher Alvy Carragher is an Irish poet based in Toronto. She has published two books of poetry and a children’s novel. Her poetry has appeared in various anthologies, literary websites and publications such as The Irish Times, The Antigonish Review, Poetry Ireland Review, The Guardian, and The Galway Review. You can find out more at