the thousandth island by Bob MacKenzie

Poem name: the thousandth island Poet name: Bob MacKenzie Poem begins: far enough from the shore  the house with the blue roof  sits back from the lake’s edge  in sphinx-like dignity in front two docks extend  paws of the resting beast  there’s death on this island  the house long abandoned  to tourists on cruise ships  the house with the blue roof  perhaps a murder mystery  haunted by memories  somewhere there’s a rich man  gone back home to The States  without his missing wife the house with the blue roof  left vacant for decades the mystery unsolved  though it is a rumour  murder is never proved  sitting on the border  complicates police work  between jurisdictions  where the shadows remain  somewhere there’s a woman  weeping in the shadows  waiting for her husband not knowing she has died  island cruise ships pass by  the house with the blue roof End of Poem.  Credits: Copyright © Bob MacKenzie Bob MacKenzie grew up in a photo studio in mid-century rural Alberta with artist parents. His father was a professional photographer and musician and his mother a photo technician, colourist, and painter. By the age of five, he had his own camera and ever since has been shooting photographs and writing poems and stories. Raised in this environment, at an early age he developed a natural affinity for photography and for the intricacies of language.  Bob’s poetry has appeared in more than 400 journals across North America and as far away as Australia, Greece, India, and Italy. His poems have been translated into Persian (Farsi), Greek, and Arabic. Bob has published eighteen volumes of poetry and prose-fiction and his work’s appeared in numerous anthologies.  He’s received numerous local and international awards for his writing as well as an Ontario Arts Council grant for literature, a Canada Council Grant for performance, and a Fellowship to attend the Summer Literary Seminars in Tbilisi, Georgia.  With the ensemble Poem de Terre, for eighteen years Bob’s poetry has been spoken and sung live with original music and the group has released six albums.