The Time After: poetry from Atlantic Canada

The Time After

Poetry from Atlantic Canada

Edited by Miriam Dunn


Donna Allard, Janet Barkhouse, Jeri Brown, Lucas Crawford, Alison Dyer, John Flood, Kayla Geitzler, Jennifer Houle, Matthew Gwathmey, Kathy Mac, Tiffany Morris, Michelle Porter, Anna Quon, Eleonore Schönmaier and Elizabet Stevens

From the introduction

When I decided to gather together some of Atlantic Canada’s rich poetic voices and assemble them into a chapbook, I had a vision in mind of what that book would be. This is not that book. Instead, these talented individuals surprised and delighted me with a wide scope of observations, memories, confessions, finding the exceptional in the every day. This collection remembers those who have left us, witnesses those in front of us. It navigates the streets and navigates relationships; it invites us to experience the isolation of being home alone, the heroics of mothering young ones, the peace of evening falling. It takes us shopping for paint and introduces us to passionate individuals. It watches the news and watches people. All from a new perspective; all during this Time After.

It has been my distinct pleasure to read the works of these fine poets, as well as the remarkable work from those fine poets for whom this chapbook could not afford space.

About the Editor

Miriam Dunn grew up on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on Cape Breton Island. She is a writer and poet whose work is influenced by the natural world, which she believes inherently contains metaphors for all aspects of human experience. She is the author of Who Will Love the Crow and her work has been published in numerous other formats and anthologies including Heartwood: for the love of treesHow we see it: the nature of our worldsSunday Snaps: The Stories; Inspiration Speaks Vol.1. She is a teacher, song-writer, musician, mother, grandmother and bread baker, currently enjoying life in the village of Tatamagouche. She serves as the Atlantic Canadian representative on the League of Canadian Poets and is a member of Haiku Canada, where she also serves as the Atlantic Canadian Representative.