Thirteen: New Collected Poems from LGBTQI2S Writers in Canada

I know it has taken decades of the heart’s muscle to build these spaces we can gather, and quite a few more to invite others in to listen. I know good authors who have had to keep hammering on the doors of granting bodies, publishing houses, festivals. Then took up positions as doormen to let others through. Then built their own spaces with their own doors.


                         –  Ali Blythe, editor


Thirteen is a chapbook made in celebration of LGBTQI2S voices that continue to enrich, question, and propel literature in Canada. This project aims to create space for LGBTQI2S poets to express the complexities of being, perception, experience, and relationship. Glimpse inside 13 rooms, 13 ways of being. 13 poems by 13 poets, plus an introduction by Ali Blythe.

Limited edition, handbound and made to order. Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Available for purchase on April 29, 2019.



John Barton
Karin Cope
Tanis Franco
Keith Garebian
Kayla Geitzler
matthew heinz
Rachel Lallouz
Chloe Lewis
Nisa Malli
Trish Salah
Jane Shi
Matthew Stepanic
John Emil Vincent


About the editor:

Ali Blythe‘s second book, Hymnswitch, is forthcoming March 2019. He is the winner of the Vallum Award for Poetry, finalist for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize for his first book Twoism and recipient of an honour of distinction from the Writers Trust of Canada for emerging LGBTQ writers. His poems are published in literary journals and anthologies in Canada, England, Germany and Slovenia.


This chapbook was produced as part of the LCP Chapbook Series. The series publishes fresh and exceptional Canadian poetry guided by various themes and forms to increase visibility and recognition for folks contributing to and belonging in the vibrant Canadian poetry community.