Treasure Chest by Gwen Higgins

Poem title: Treasure Chest
Poet name: Gwen Higgins
Poem: A mother’s world consists
of countless interruptions,
smashing her thoughts
back to reality, 
back to the spilled cranberry juice,
a red puddle of accusation
on the carpet.

All attention, however fragmented, must be aimed
at the child at hand,
by the mother.
Ideas fall away in a shower of glittering fragments,
yet tiny moments of clarity remain.

Collect the shards,
crystalline, sparkling, porcelain, mirrored,
Salvage them.

Capture them in your notebook.

Treasure them.
The child will grow,
And you will have created a shimmering mosaic;
words and ideas, lost times, sketches,

Your notebook is your treasure chest.
Not a word will ever be wasted.
End of poem. 
Credits and bio: Copyright © Gwen Higgins
Gwen Higgins is a student in the SFU Writer’s Studio program in 2023. She previously studied with Leesa Dean in the Selkirk College Creative Writing program. A former chemical engineer, she now works as an accountant in the public service. Higgins lives in Castlegar, BC, with her husband, daughters, and loyal Shih-Tsu Charlie, and loves hiking, knitting & crochet, and being outdoors. She also volunteers as a Girl Guide leader.