Unsettling wonder by Nan Williamson

Poem title: Unsettling wonder
Poet: Nan williamson
Poem: days go by 
when I lose hold of wonder 
when last night’s quarrel
or news of fresh disasters 
blazing forests  flooded cities
families fleeing killing fields of war
fresh-reported Covid numbers
shove and push for my attention
crowd out the emerald moon 
		     and dancing fools 

but they come back
                 and I’m ambushed 

bluesy words
        jazz-dancing down 
             the syncopated page

fragile stars 
frozen lace on winter windowpanes

a revel of nasturtiums
oranges    scarlets    yellows 
reflected in a shining copper pot
               the whole damn glorious dazzle
End of poem. 
Credits and bio: Copyright © Nan Williamson

Previously published in leave the door open for the moon, Jackson creek Press, 2015.

Nan Williamson is a teacher, artist, poet, living in Peterborough. She is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers, Toronto, 2013. Her chapbook, leave the door open for the moon, was published by Jackson Creek Press in 2015. More than sixty of her poems have been published in juried literary journals and anthologies in Canada, the US and the UK. Her poem “Interlude” has been set to music in the album OneSky by Alani Keiser 2017.  Her poem ‘Georgian Bay Meditation’ was chosen by the League of Canadian Poets for the April 30th 2020 Poem in your Pocket Day and her poem, “Demonic Snow” was heard as episode #48 of the Eh Poetry Podcast July 16th, 2022. Currently she will be featured at a poetry reading in Peterborough, for National Poetry Month, April, 2023.