What We Did On Canada Day by John Terpstra

Poem title: What We Did On Canada Day Poet name: John Terpstra Poem: this year, in observance of the one hundred and fifty-fourth birthday  of our home and I can’t speak aloud the next word of the song,  is bike to Central Park in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, a site deeply contaminated by industry, where these our settler-sins, the ones against the earth itself, are being buried ever more deeply out of sight out of mind under truckloads of landfill,  to stand with a few neighbours, as a friend played The Flowers of the Forest,  a lament, on his bagpipes,  and we remembered the children. End of poem.  Credits and Bio: Copyright © John Terpstra John Terpstra has published ten books of poetry and five creative non-fiction. One of his poems, Giants, is mounted on a plaque on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment overlooking downtown Hamilton, where he lives and works as a cabinetmaker. Recent publications include Call Me Home (poetry, Gaspereau Press; 2021); Daylighting Chedoke (non-fiction, Wolsak and Wynn; 2018).