your town by Renée M. Sgroi

Poet name: Renée M Sgroi Poem title: your town Poem: where i didn’t see swallows dip, their forked tails as the river diverted, and how the stream’s interment gutted the place, smooth metres of tongue-like lava flows of concrete covering water, slicing down through this half of town and that, mute ripples once laughed under swan dives by birds, their round nests under eaves language curves uccello, rondinello swallow a failure of terms a return to throat to drink from your rechannelled river, and the parchedness of it End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Renée M. Sgroi Previously published in The Windsor Review, Issue 54.1, Fall 2021. Runner-up in the UK’s erbacce poetry prize, Renée M. Sgroi’s debut poetry collection, life print, in points was published by erbacce-press in 2020. A second poetry collection is scheduled to be published with Guernica Editions in 2024. A member of the League of Canadian Poets, The Writers Union of Canada, and an executive member of the Canadian Authors Association, Renée lives with her family in the Greater Toronto Area.